Rail Art

Rail Art Studios was founded in 2019 by Ben and Dane, the creative team behind Raftermen.

After collaborating on productions for 16 years, we’ve worked in countless studio spaces together. Most of them were too big, too expensive, too rough around the edges, or too difficult to actually book. We designed Rail Art Studios to be everything we wanted in a studio: comfortable, modern, well-stocked, and client-friendly. A place where you can get the job done, but also where you and your client will feel comfortable taking calls in the conference room, hanging out in our full kitchen, or having a beer under the magnolia tree on our outdoor patio.

Rail Art Studios offers the essentials you’d expect at a larger studio (green room, cyc wall, lighting grid, and grip equipment), but the intimacy, approach, and ease of a bespoke operation. We aren’t a giant empty warehouse or a soulless commercial enterprise — we’re a tight-knit collective of independent working creatives. (Speaking of which: need a sound guy or a producer? We can hook you up.)

And our easy online booking system makes reserving the space simple, straightforward, and quick.

Rail Art is a comfortable, modern, well-stocked, and client-friendly production studio in Atlanta, GA
Book your photo or video shoot at Rail Art Studios in Atlanta and enjoy the comfort of our spacious, modern green room
Take client calls in the conference room at Rail Art Studios, a modern production studio in Atlanta, GA
Have a beer under the magnolia tree on Rail Art Studios' outdoor patio